Hey there! I am Michelle. I am fun, outgoing and a closet reader of cheesy young adult novels. I have 3 passions in my life: my family, photography and, well, unfortunately, shopping. My family consists of; my army husband, Austin, my 9 month old, amazingly adorable daughter, Mayli, and our two dogs, Stud and Kiko.  They are the greatest supporters of me.

I was introduced to photography by Eric Adams of Fotofly Studios almost four years ago. He trained me from scratch and helped me discover my passion for it.  I truly believe that every photography session should be fun for everyone and that the moments we capture should be cherished forever. Photography is about more then just a pretty picture.

The greatest thing about photography, is that there is always something to learn and work toward.  Whether it is simply figuring out what makes your one year old giggle uncontrollably or pushing the boundaries of photography as I know it.  The spectrum is endless.

Now, we need not discuss my shopping addictions here.  Well, unless you want to discuss outfits of course.  I cant wait to work with you.                   

Love, Michelle