What happens if the weather is bad?

  •      So, someday I am going to be able to control the weather.  It is a goal of mine.  Until then, there are two options. The first is simply rescheduling.  Even with a full schedule, I will always do my best to get in you in at the soonest most convenient time for you.  The second option is shooting in my natural light studio. This is only an option if it is not incredibly dark and if the studio is not currently being used.

Do you allow dogs/animals?

  •      Yep.  Animals are allowed into my studio and on location unless our location does not allow them for some reason.

When is payment expected?

  •      Payment is expected at the end of your session.  For weddings and birth stories, payment is 7 days prior to the day of service unless priorly arranged.  

Do you charge sales tax?

  • YES!  Unfortunately, I do have to collect sales tax on top what I charge to pay the state.

What if I am late?

  •      I know all to well that sometimes being late is unavoidable.  For that reason I have a 10 minute buffer built into all my sessions.  This means you can be 10 minutes late and no harm done.  A lot of the time though, I have multiple sessions in a day and if you are later then 10 minutes it has to come out of our shooting time so that I can make it to my next appointment on time. (example: if you are are 20 minutes late we will only be able to shoot for 50 minutes because we would be 10 minutes pass the grace period)