How to maternity shop Lululemon


How to maternity shop Lululemon

Ok, we all know and love Lululemon right? Obviously, they are the greatest. I think 80% of my wardrobe is Lululemon. Unfortunately, they do not offer a maternity line. So, this week I am going to talk about how to shop Lululemon when you are preggo! Yay!

Head here to the VLOG for the full details.

For the quick version, check out these three tips.

Tip #1

Stick to pants that are high rise and do NOT have a seam at the top. In other words, the Aligns or the Wunder Unders.

They will sit under your belly and give you a little support, depending on the pant you choose. It will be all about preference between those two pants.

You will want to size up 1-2 sizes depending on the trimester.


Tip #2

Tops should always be long, stretchy and sized up 1-2 sizes depending on the top and trimester.

Check out the Emerald LS and the To the Point LS.

For postpartum, or the 4th trimester, the Love Tee wins all. It has a loose fit around the mid section and a perfect stretchy v neck for breastfeeding.

(for more info on bras watch the VLOG! They are awesome for breastfeeding ;D)


Tip #3

Don’t miss the specialty items and jackets. Look for items with stretch or loose fitting. Some to keep an eye out for are the Ready to Rulu jogger pant and the Cinch it Long Sleeve.

With jackets, just get your true size and don’t zip it when your belly gets too big. That way you can wear the jackets after. I really liked jackets that were meant to be a little looser in the first place. It gave me longer to wear them.

Links to my favorite things:



Wunder Under

Ready to Rulu


Free to Be Serene

Energy Bra


Emerald LS

Love Tee

To the Point tank

Cinch it

Principle Dancer Tank


Non Stop Bomber

Down and Around Bomber

Coudscape Jacket

Scuba hoodie Glyde

Make sure to watch the VLOG this time because it is full of great info!

<3 Michelle



Th BG Book Club: November

View the Vlog HERE


Hi!! Its someones birthday weekend (miss MayLi Sue is turning 5 tomorrow!) so I am going to keep this short and sweet.

I am starting The Bribery Game Book Club! I love love to read… currently that means listening to book on audible but same idea right? Anyway, on the first Sunday of each month I am going to announce a new book for us to read as a community along with a hashtag that we can all follow along as we share insights and things we loved or laughed about in the book. I am hoping it will be very interactive and fun.

rachel hollis.jpg

This month we will be reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. I have actually read this book before but it is worth the re-read. You guys, this book is amaze-balls!

Follow along with me on Instagram @michelleataylor and/or use the #BriberyGameBCNov. Alright folks, let’s do the dang thang!