What is More Than MayLily

More than MayLily is a way for us to give back to groups who either have supported us, family, or friends through hard times or are doing work we truly believe in. Our mission is to support both financially and in kind the charities and families making a difference in our community. Every 6 months a new cause/charity/non-profit is announced. During that 6 months a specific listed amount of each full session will be donated to that cause/charity/non-profit. We will also be directing any donations you may want to make outside of sessions.

We believe in supporting good humans and really wanted to offer you the option to do that with us. You will know exactly how much of your session is being donated and 100% of donations will go directly to the cause/charity/non-profit we are working with at the end of each 6 month period. We will have a specific goal we are reaching for with each group. You will always be able to see who we are currently working with, who we will be working with next, our progress, and find donation information on THIS PAGE.

Our long term plan is to set this up as a 501c3. It will take a second but its coming!

This has been in my brain for quite sometime. We are ECSTATIC to finally be kicking it off!

If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions of causes/charities/non-profits you would like to see us work with, or just want to get involved, contact us HERE.

October - DECEMBER 2019

19th Special Forces Group FRG (Family Readiness Group)

Austin has been in the military for most of our marriage, even after he promised while dating me that he NEVER would join. We have been though deployment, trainings, moves and many holidays apart. It was hard and the pay was… well… Anyways, this year Austin’s unit will be deployed over Christmas. He will not be joining them due to a prior commitment related to his (hopefully) new government position, but we wanted to do something to support his soldiers and their families. We are excited to be kicking off our MORE THAN MAYLILY with something that hits close to home!

MayLily will be donating $40 from each full session to help pay for Christmas for some of the families who are struggling.

Our goal is to raise $1000. Every penny of that will go directly to these families.


January - June 2020

Operation Underground Railroad

Find more information about OUR Rescue HERE

July - December 2020