Welcome to the NEW MayLily referral program, REFER & RECEIVE!!! MayLily is run almost solely on referrals. I have always offered a little incentive here and there, but I have decided to take it to the next level because I am so grateful for your part in growing this amazing business. I can’t do this without you!  

Our mission at MayLily is to give everyone the opportunity to have beautiful memories in their home. I want to reward you for helping me do just that. Also, for being the freaking best. 

So here are all the details of the new program:

What you Get

Membership Benefits

Your membership benefits are good for 12 months from the date of your referrals session. You must be ACTIVE in your benefits to level up. Each time you level up your 12 months refreshes!!
1 referral   = Yearly Status

3 referrals = Premier Status 

8 referrals = Milestone Status

(click here to view membership benefits)
*excludes sessions and print credits associated with memberships

Save $$

$100 off of your next session (credits can be stacked AND combined with your Membership status discount!)

What they get

Save $$

$100 off their first session or membership with MayLily

*Make sure to tell your friends and family to tell me who referred them so I can get you your fun perks. They must be credited to you BEFORE their session takes place.