Th BG Book Club: November

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Hi!! Its someones birthday weekend (miss MayLi Sue is turning 5 tomorrow!) so I am going to keep this short and sweet.

I am starting The Bribery Game Book Club! I love love to read… currently that means listening to book on audible but same idea right? Anyway, on the first Sunday of each month I am going to announce a new book for us to read as a community along with a hashtag that we can all follow along as we share insights and things we loved or laughed about in the book. I am hoping it will be very interactive and fun.

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This month we will be reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. I have actually read this book before but it is worth the re-read. You guys, this book is amaze-balls!

Follow along with me on Instagram @michelleataylor and/or use the #BriberyGameBCNov. Alright folks, let’s do the dang thang!


Dockatot Vs. Snuggle Me


Dockatot Vs. Snuggle Me

Hey! Today is a big day! Today is my first Vlog! Yay! It’s not perfect but it’s helpful 😉

here is the link for the Vlog:

I will always accompany my vlogs with a mini blog version in case you prefer to read sometimes. I know I rock 👊🏻 So here are the basics.


The Dockatot and the Snuggle Me Organic are both these awesome infant/baby loungers. I’m just going to pop up a list of their similarities and differences for ya. In the video we go into a little more detail so make sure you head their for more info. 



#1: type of lounger

#2: both for the same age range (0-8/9 months)

#3: can use for SUPERVISED sleep

#4: there over all usage (lounging, tummy time, breastfeeding,etc.)





#1: Toy arch loops

#2: Handles 

#3: Bottom opens via clip


#4: FLAT bottom pad

#5: slightly leased “hugged” feel, yet still secure


#6: less convenient cover removal

#7: micro-climate certified

#8: Price - around $200 



#1: Price - around $140 (can get up to high $200a for organic wool interior)


#2: Easy to remove cover

#3: Suspended center (much more “hugged” feel)


#4: No center padding

#6: Made in the USA

The two differences that led us to choose the snuggle me were the added hugged feel and the price. It was a great, amazing product. We used mostly for around the house and supervised naps. We do not co-sleep but if we did I think we would have gone with the Dockatot because of the extra space and the microclimate. 

I hope this helps you pick the lounger that works for your family!