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Are you ready for another awesome Friday Favorite?! I have been looking forward to sharing this product for some time. It is called Mom's Stuff and it is going to change your life. 

Mom's Stuff started with Lee and her husband Joe, both artists, (Joe a potter and Lee a painter), avid gardeners, and outdoor enthusiasts. For years they struggled to find a healthy solution to the constantly dry and cracked skin on their hands, feet, and elsewhere. 22 years ago Lee decided to take matters into her own hands (literally) and started experimenting with a basic salve recipe using beeswax from a local bee-keeper, comfrey from her own garden, extra virgin olive oil and other essential oils. After five years the recipe was perfected. The result was a fantastic salve that she and her family use on just about everything. Soon family and friends were begging Lee to sell her amazing so she started selling it (about 15 years ago).

Today, Mom's Stuff is still run by Lee with the assistance of her daughter Zina and they are doing their best to share their discovery from nature with the world. 

We started using Mom's Stuff in our home a little over a year ago and it has become our go to solution to all thing skin related. From cracked heels, to eczema, to diaper rash it solves it all

I have had eczema for my entire life. It flares up multiple times a year and the only thing that ever calmed it back down was steroid cream, until Mom's Stuff. It does the trick and more, naturally, and steroid free.

Mayli began developing eczema right before we started using Mom's Stuff. We were trying all sorts of lotions to try keep it at bay. Now, when she starts getting dry spots we simply put a little Mom's Stuff on and the next day it is gone. Same with diaper rashes. It is incredible. 

My family has many reasons to love Mom's Stuff and I know your family will love it too. Mom's Stuff is offering you a no brainer way to try it, 15% off your entire order today - Nov. 10th. Just enter MAYLILY15 at checkout and try it for yourself. ENJOY!