Im back! I had so much fun in Utah shooting my little heart out and seeing some of my favorite people.

While I was in Utah, I was thinking about how much I love and enjoy my clients. You really all have become so much more then just clients to me. So, I wanted to do something to show you how grateful I am for you. If you receive The MayLily Family emails then you are already know, each April and October I am going to offer an exclusive print sale to all my clients

I have had a couple clients who weren't quite sure how to use their gallery to order portraits so I thought this would be a good opportunity to clarify. 

When you first enter your gallery there are three symbols at the top under your main cover image. They are your shopping cart, heart/favorite icon, and your download button. When you want to view what is in your cart this is the shopping cart you will click (far left photo). 

To add to your cart you will click on the shopping cart that comes up when you scroll over the image (middle image). A window will pop up with your size and portrait type(i.e. metal, canvas, etc.) (far right image). You then have the option to go directly to your shopping cart or continue shopping.

Inside your shopping cart (left image) you can adjust cropping and view your entire order. Your options are then to keep shopping or checkout. In checkout (right image) is where you will enter any credits and/or coupon codes you may have. 

Orders will then ship directly to your home. Easy peasy! The quality is amazing and the prices start at just $2! AND, you can add albums and photo books to your orders as well and believe me when I say they are GORGEOUS! 

The sad truth is that too high a number of families are not printing their images, they remain only in the digital world to be lost one day to either a crash and loss of files or outdated technology (floppy disk anyone? even CD's are on their way out). We work hard together to capture these moments and memories so make sure you have them to reflect on in 25 years. Prints are forever. 

Ok, printing rant over. Now, check your emails for your MayLily Semi-Annual Print Sale code. Sale ends Oct. 31st!

<3 Michelle

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