Michelle's Friday Favorite's

Tnee's Teepee's

It's Friday!! Gosh the weeks are going by crazy fast. Can you believe christmas is only 90 days away!! Yeah, I know, I am semi freaking out too. Anyway, todays Friday Favorite is Tnee's Teepee's

Courtney, the owner of Tnee's and a mother of two based in Utah. She originally started making these teepee's for her kidlets and they were so awesome that it grew into a fabulous business with much more then teepee's to choose from. Everything is handmade with high quality fabrics and natural wood poles.

We bought Mayli this teepee in July as a "we are moving away from everything you have ever known so here is something to distract you and mommy" type of gift. When we got to our new home we went to set up Mayli's normal crib and realized that we didn't have the hardware for it. Yeah, you can image that conversation between my husband and I.... Turns out the hardware was lost or packed away into storage, so we improvised. We put her mattress on the floor and added in the teepee, crossing our fingers. It was the best thing ever! She LOVES it and her transition to a "toddler bed" was EASY PEASY

I regularly find Mayli sitting in her teepee reading, talking to her little elephant, or even pretending to be asleep. It makes me unreasonably happy. I love that her teepee is a place of not only sleep and rest but also a place all her own. She can have what ever type of adventure she imagines, and who knows, maybe her imagination might some day change the world.

You will notice that most of my Friday Favorites are mom owned businesses. It is probably because I feel some sort of connection to them. Plus, it turns out we make the best stuff!

Tnee's is doing a 20% OFF EVERYTHING sale next week and guess what, you get exclusive early access! Use the code MAYLILY to get 20% off TODAY!!  Happy early Christmas shopping and may your imagination go wild!