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Michelle's Friday Favorites - The Coral Pear


Michelle's Friday Favorites - The Coral Pear


Welcome to The Bribery Game blog on! I am so excited for this new change. To kick things off I want to start with a series that you might have seen a little of on my instagram (@maylilyphoto) Welcome to MICHELLE'S FRIDAY FAVORITES!!! These post are not purchased or paid for by any companies. They are simply things that I have found that I absolutely love and want to share with you. :D

This week's Friday Favorite is The Coral Pear











The Coral Pear is THE baby moccasin shop. Based in Utah and shipping worldwide, all their shoes are genuine leather and handmade. They have regular moccasins, bow moccasins, the cutest Mary Janes leather shoes, and coming soon, sandals! 








In case you didn't know, I live vicariously thru Mayli's outfits. I have so much fun dressing her. Mayli has been wearing Moccasins since before she could walk. She was born in the winter and I spent a lot of time and money searching for something that would stay on her feet and keep her little toesies warm while still being cute. Then, thankfully, I stumbled on baby moccasins. They where exactly what I was searching for. They didnt fall off. Ever. And they are A-freaking-dorable.

What sets The Coral Pear apart is their perfect mixture of simplicity, quality, design, and value. They are offer functional style and that is exactly what every baby deserves. 

I, obviously, LOVE the bow moccasins. That little girly touch is perfect for my little sass. Plus, she can wear them for so long! It takes twice as long for her to grow out of her moccasins then any other shoe because I can buy them a little big and they are flexible on her feet. She gets so much wear out of them it is unreal. 

The Coral Pear's quality and passion for what they do is what keeps me coming back for more. Also, they are pretty dang nice people! Don't miss their special offer to you below!



Ok, so how awesome is this, The Coral Pear is offering 20% OFF for all my peeps! Just enter code MAYLILY2015 at checkout and go get your own baby fashion on! 

Is there something you are hoping to see on The Bribery Game? A style that you have seen on Mayli, a specific photography tip, or maybe just my opinion of snakes... Comment below and let me know! 

<3 Michelle